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Creators Realm Colouring Book

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Become inspired and fill the creators realm with colour and drawings that you design.
I designed the creators realm for those who interest in Astrology, Line art and all things beauty. Floral art to feminine beauty it was something that you can't find anywhere else.
features women faces to create make up looks or practice shading on bodies. 
Its all things mystical and Dreamy.
a lot Is happening inside the realm but its up to you how you want it.
30 pages of all different Mandala, Astrology signs and elements you can choose. I also added an extra page as addition to supporting my Art.
30-31 pages
Line art
Body art
Elements (water, fire, air)
Mystical art
Space, stars , Planets
We know you'll love and enjoy unwinding and getting lost amongst it all, we know its not the easiest colouring book. I tend to have those admire and take time to create something beautiful.
Shipping (Important) Note:
Delivery of Physical Book take up to 2 weeks to publish 
as this item is published overseas. 
means item can take up to 2-3 weeks to be delivered.
(depending where you reside)
Please take note that its custom and it'll be longer than expected.
your patience is much appreciated.
This colouring book is dedicated to my beautiful Mother ♥️ 
All the powerful women in my life.
Trim Size:  (8.5" x 11" / 216 x 279 mm)
Page count: 31
Interior: Colouring pages 
Cover: cover 2 colouring
Interior Color: STANDARDB&W
Paper type: Uncoated white
Binding type: Saddle Stitch
Cover Finish: MATTE